Testimonials from Mom's and Dad's about the HypnoBirthing Classes and Doula Services:

"You are my hero!" Dad said, "Speaking of super hero we can't stop talking about how you saved the day." Mother of Birthing mom said, "Just wanted to sincerely and deeply say thank-you for your amazing support.  My daughter said you were wonderful.  I truly appreciate EVERYTHING you have given of yourself.  I am eternally grateful.  It was a long labor.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU CHARMAINE!!! You are a silent hero I appreciate and admire.  Keep up your marvelous work.  Blessings always. " The Heart Family

"Charmaine I celebrate you from the highest peaks...I celebrate your talents, your huge heart, your brilliant intuitive creativity, your sacred magic, your devotion, your humor, your friendship, partnership and deliciously perfect timing.  Thank you for walking the path with me to a perfect birth, hand in hand and heart to heart.Through this positive perfect birth that you coached me through...I have been born again myself. Thank you for bearing witness, for holding me so tightly in our sacred space and giving everyone permission to do the same, for showering me with praise and love every step of the way.  You are forever part of the story of our lives. " Angelina

"I wanted to tell you again how much you meant to me!! I honestly couldn't have lasted as long without you. Thank you so much Charmaine.  River is soooo chill.  The chillest baby!  So it hasn't been as hard as we were expecting, only enjoyable. Thank you for everything.  Now that I did that I feel like I could do anything. "  Jessie

"We arrived at the birth center 9.5 cm dilated so relaxed.  It worked.  The hypnosis worked. I am so ecstatic that I had the birth experience I wanted for myself and for Levi. There were so many people in my life leading up to his birth that didn’t understand or were fearful of my choice to give birth outside of a hospital and without medication, so I felt especially proud of myself for not allowing their fears to affect me."  Daniella Dowling

"Thank you for suggesting and giving us the knowledge and power to create a successful birth. Thank you for guiding and supporting us with your whole heart every step of the way. " Austin Davis

"Thank you for inspiring our innate wisdom.  We are so thankful that Elliott got to pick her birthday and birth path.  Butt first, intervention and drug free, less than 8hrs labor from start to finish.  We couldn't have done that without you. Thank you again for all your help " Jessica

"Thank you for everything.  After 26 hours of labor I cracked from the pain and got the epidural, when I couldn't feel my legs I had a panic attack but my HypnoBirthing again helped calm me down and I delivered a 11 pound baby vaginally.  We probably would have had a c-section if it wasn't for HypnoBirthing." Alexandra Porter

"Thank you for all your help!! We both are so glad we found you and HypnoBirthing, it really helped us to have the birth experience we wanted! " Sherri Jones

"31 hours of Labor, no epidural.  Ethan is beautiful and healthy and we are doing well.  Thank you so much for your wisdom, your support and your heart.  We couldn't have done it without you."  Christine Stave
"Thanks Charmaine for all your help.  We went into labor 2 days ago.  It was long but the HypnoBIrthing exercises helped.  It was a natural unmedicated birth which was amazing.  Our little girl is healthy and super alert and I'm recovering just fine.  Again thank you for all your help, you are amazing. " Aysha Fatima

"Thank you Charmaine for everything. You really helped me get through it.  Thank you so much for the Hypnosis track you made us too..  It really helped me achieve a fast, calm birth.  You really saved me and guided me."  Topaz Yehezkelof

 Congratulations, you are pregnant! What a miracle!  Did you ever imagine you can have an easy birth, with preparation and HypnoBirthing skills?  Well you can, just as hundreds of thousands of woman have done too.

In pregnancy your childbirth education class will be one of the most important decisions you can make.  The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable and rewarding the experience can be.

HypnoBirthing has been around for over 30 years and is in over 40 countries. You don't run a marathon without training! Why would you give birth without empowering yourself with the tools to make it the best experience of your life?

HypnoBirthing® is a technique that helps the mother prepare for birth physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations and education prepare the parents for an easier, more comfortable peaceful arrival of their newborn. 

With the HypnoBirthing classes you will receive your own personalized meditation to listen to for your easy birth, as well as Hypnosis tracks, and the HypnoBirthing® book.  The power of the mind and suggestive meditations create a loving relaxed environment for mom, dad and baby! 

Hypnobirthing classes are now on line due to Covid.

Class runs for 4 weeks.

Cost includes book, rainbow relaxation, and affirmation CD, plus a personalized meditation for your birth. 

Inquire about privates or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call 323-217-4399

 Jessica Alba talks about her HypnoBirthing Experience on the Ellen Show!  Click the link!

What is Hypnobirthing?

Charmaine Hamp 
Love Alchemy Life Coach, HypnoBirthing® Coach/Doula, Prenatal Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher