The main goal of Love Alchemy Life Coaching is to get you to a place where you are experiencing this life to the fullest.  You will learn to design and create the life that you desire, finding joy, and existing as a balanced internally loving person others will want to emulate.  You will gain tools, and you will learn to use them efficiently, and the wisdom to see what may be holding you back (core-beliefs). If you have interest we will look at health and what is at the root of any ailments in the body. The body and the mind work in tandem so when we can clear blocks of the mind we can empower our health.  

The work is specific to you and what you would like to address and then we proceed from there. 
 I recommend for all coaching  at least 10 sessions to start.  There is always an option to do single sessions as well.   

Schedule your free 30 mins session if taking your life to the next level sounds exciting to you.

Price packages: 

1 hour single session: $150

10 sessions: $1111.00

Each session is one hour.  

               Love Alchemy Coaching            

The Art of Living the Life of your Dreams

Are you starting to ask questions like who am I?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  Welcome to the waking up process.  I am here to aid you in this process of integrating yourself into this new life.  If you have deep desires to change your life ask yourself what it would feel like to live the life you desire? When you feel the emotion so deeply in your core, the universe will follow through for you.  That is also the reason you have been directed here.  I am an empowerment coach, a light leader, helping humanity to move through the waking up process.  I have a series of steps to firstly bring you into an awareness of Self-Love.  Everything begins with that simple yet important step.  Then we will go through deep-rooted core beliefs that are holding you back and weed those out.  Then we begin to reprogram the neutrons in the brain to remind you of your true self, your highest self which is perfect, whole, and one with everything.  

If you are serious about taking your life to the next level message me to schedule your free 30 min session to begin to bring you back to your perfect state of bliss and health.

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Charmaine Hamp 
Love Alchemy Life Coach, HypnoBirthingĀ® Coach/Doula, Prenatal Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher