Have you ever wondered how YOU would benefit from having a life coach/mentor?

In this class you will learn to masterfully design your life!

What we will talk about: 
1) Human Design- What is it?
2) Health: How to Thrive and quit the addictions

3) Meditation  [🧘‍♀️]  specific for you

4) Inner guidance
5) Create a business or a lifestyle that turns you on. Quit your 9-5 slave job
6) Turn on your physic abilities
7) Manifest successfully
8) Angel numbers, spirit animals, guides and angels
9) Relationships -make them work for you

10) Boundaries - make them and keep them 
11) Self-love. 
12) Conquer fear and anxiety

13) Clear blocks from childhood trauma and subconscious programming
And so much more…

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Charmaine Hamp 
Love Alchemy Life Coach/Mentor, HypnoBirthing® Coach/Doula, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  Serving clients in the Los Angeles Area.